Healthcare Solutions

We provide efficient systems and solutions to enhance healthcare operations, safety and security. Our experience and industry-specific knowledge ensure that our solutions are the right fit so that your medical professionals can focus on what is most important, the well-being of patients.

Access Control Solutions

Medical facilities have different wards, patient units, and physical layouts hence the need to invest in an individually designed hospital access control system. We have a number of access control and security options available that can be customized to suit the hospital’s specialization and architecture.

Solutions offered include:

Smart Parking Solutions:

For healthcare facilities where a large volume of staff, patients and visitors drive in and park on-site, an automated parking management system provides a feasible option. Our Smart Parking Solution ensures ease of access into the facility’s car park by automating the entry and exit process.

The solution is highly robust and has the capacity to segment the car park into multiple parking zones designated to different categories of users such as Doctors, Staff, Visitors, etc.

In-built security features such as CCTV and LPR monitor and capture details such as vehicles and vehicle plate numbers for incident reconstruction. Find more information.

People Access Control Solutions:

Healthcare facilities have certain areas such as surgery rooms, pediatric wards, dispensaries or research labs where only authorized personnel are allowed access. Our product line offers solutions such as online readers, long range readers for hands free access, digital locking components in different formats and electronic key cabinets that restrict unauthorized access.

Efficient Energy Solutions

Lighting in in-door parking lots can be expensive, especially when used 24/7, which is often the case for healthcare facilities. With our integrated Efficient Energy Solutions, we help you employ smart energy saving systems that, lower energy consumption; make sure light is deliberately directed, and enable people to navigate safely within the car park.

Intelligent LED Lighting:

The intelligent LED lighting solution offers presence detection, flexible dimming, long-life and low maintenance, enabling you to create a more sustainable car park lighting while enhancing car park users’ safety and comfort. Find more information.

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions:

With the advent of electric vehicles, having charging stations available in the healthcare facility’s car park reduces range anxiety for your visitors. Electric vehicle charging stations also bring both financial and environmental benefits, offering long-term advantages for your brand. Find more information.

Personal Protection Solutions

Our Personal Protection Solution offers patient-wandering detection, infant-monitoring systems, personal guard alarm, mobile helper application and CCTV solutions that enable you to provide a safer environment for care delivery. The solution management software is intuitive, user-friendly and is equipped with interfaces to connect to other communication and information systems.

Laundry Management Solution

Our textile tracking and inventory management solution, based on fast and accurate RFID technology, helps you reduce loss and lower administrative burden involved in issuing and controlling clean and soiled textiles. The solution provides transaction history, centralized control, self-service capabilities, and integrations with physical access control and other business management systems.

Key Management Solution

Effective management of keys in healthcare facilities enhances health, safety and security standards. Our electronic key and asset cabinet solution creates more transparency and security by ensuring only authorized personnel have access to sensitive areas such as drug cabinets, sensitive documentation and hazardous areas. All key issuance and returns are automatically recorded for audit trails.

Visitor Management Solution

In an environment with a fleeting number of patients and visitors, a visitor management system should accommodate rapid visitor check-ins while maintaining a welcoming feel. Our Visitor Management system enables you to streamline visitor check in and check-out as well as the badging process. The system also stores historical data of all visits which facilitates quick searches and maintaining a watch list of prohibited persons into the facility.