Office Complexes

Office Complex Solutions

Our strategic partnerships with Industry leaders such as Scheidt & Bachmann, CirControl and Gunnebo enable us to provide smart building solutions that drive energy savings, improve security, reduce operating costs and enhance comfort of occupants.

Access Control Solutions

Access control in office complexes is an important aspect due to the quality of information provided by the system regarding building occupants’ whereabouts and how they move through the building. The system knows where the occupants and transient traffic is likely going and can adjust variables such as lighting and security settings accordingly.

Smart Parking Solutions:

Paytech’s Smart Parking Solution offers commercial space users a tailored solution to suit any type of car park whether billable or free. On access, entry into the facility is controlled with barrier gates fitted with security features such as tire killers and bollards. The system uses short-term parking tickets, access cards, license plate recognition and RFID in-vehicle tag to allow authorized entry and exit into parking areas. The automated solution provides car park users with quick and convenient access to the premises.  Find more information.

People Access Control Solutions

The entrance area to an office complex requires to be inviting and impressive while ensuring reliable and safe handling of heavy volumes of traffic. Our entrance door automation products such as fully automatic revolving doors, swing doors, speed Gates, Tripod Turnstile etc. give you access control over your visitors flow into the building’s reception area. Our wide product range selection can be customized to suit the overall look and feel of the surrounding space.

Controlling access to individual floors in multi-tenant offices or a single business inhabiting the entire building can eliminate critical areas of vulnerability. Our access control solution offers card readers, RFID scanners and bio-metric scans to restrict access to resources and specified areas within the building to authorized personnel.

Create a welcome that stands out by allowing visitors to your building to sign themselves in, while you focus on giving them a warm personal greeting. Our Visitor Management system enables you to set up visitor approval ahead of their visit, generate recurring visitor lists and create visitor badges and passes. The system stores historical data allowing real-time access to visitor lists for review or emergency alerts with the management module.

Efficient Energy Solutions

Businesses today are exploring new ways to reduce energy wastage, improve operational efficiency, and improve their business’s impact on the environment. With our integrated Efficient Energy Solutions we help you employ smart systems that support your sustainability goals.

Intelligent Led Lighting:

LED lighting technology offers building operators with the tools they require to achieve optimum energy-efficiency and savings in their facilities. The solution also offers human-centric lighting through the design, switching and regulation of lighting; offering a more comfortable environment for occupants. Find more information.

Smart Metering Solutions:

Smart metering enables businesses to keep track of how much energy they are using and collect data to make in-depth analyses of usage. The property owner and tenants can accurately quantify energy consumption and through the data collected predict future energy demands.

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions:

With the advent of electric vehicles, having charging stations available in office complexes will reduce range anxiety for your tenants and visitors who own electric vehicles as well as boost your environmental credentials. We work closely with you to ensure we deliver safe, reliable and robust vehicle charging solutions to meet the specific needs of your building. Find more information.