Automated Fare Collection

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) is a critical step toward making public and private transport more efficient, affordable and accessible. Unfortunately, without proper measures put in place transport agencies risk losing revenue and compromising the travelers ease of travel.

We design and implement a turnkey Fare Collection Solution that goes a long way in helping transport agencies to ensure a smooth flow of passengers, streamline revenue collection, improve payment security and prevent fraudulent activities.

The solution is also designed with the traveler’s comfort and ease of use in mind. This is achieved through the provision of self-service and flexible ticketing and payment platforms, supported by an expert customer service team.

Fare collection involves vast amounts of daily transactions in cash as well as electronic payments. For that reason, sound financial and commercial management is essential to the success of an implemented Automatic Fare Collection solution.

Our Automated Fare Collection System is integrated with reporting features that provide transparency on revenue collection and station activities / incidents that can be filtered into a diverse number of reports such as sales per cashier, device, location and period.

Through the supervision of a financial regulator we ensure that the defined revenue distribution is carried out in an efficient, timely and transparent manner. The system also takes care of security concerns by providing a robust system for data security and safeguarding.

Effective operations and maintenance of an implemented AFC system is essential in helping transport businesses provide safe and efficient transportation systems. With our knowledge of the different AFC technologies, we help transport business define and implement effective operations and maintenance services that offer a seamless transition.

Our dedicated maintenance and operations team gives you the freedom to focus on your core business by offering complete assistance in the day to day running and support of the system. This optimizes the performance of the system which in turn improves the traveler’s experience and attractiveness of the transport system.

The role of collecting and analyzing reliable data is vital in combating most of the challenges experienced in managing transport. The data gathered should be easily converted into information, and the information into insight that will help in areas such as better understanding the passenger’s needs, diversifying transport services, reducing costs and anticipating changes and trends.

Our solution offers pre-defined reports for in-depth business analysis such as:

  1. Validations per station / gate in a given time period.
  2. Financial reports; Smart card top-up reports, shift reports, total number of transactions, sales per cashier and revenue reports.
  3. Trip reporting; Total number of boarding, alighting, media, time unit and location.
  4. System overview; Device last communication, number of transactions per time unit and reporting of installed software and data.

Solution Features

Automated Ticketing.

The automation of ticketing in public and private transport systems is made possible through the installation of automatic gate machines, ticket vending machines, ticket checking machines and platform validators that work in harmony to ensure that fares are made efficiently and the passenger flow runs smoothly.


Interoperability between different transport agencies is made possible with the Paytech AFC system. The system allows different transport operators to coordinate and share information so that passengers can travel seamlessly across multiple transport systems.


The solution’s open architecture enables it to integrate different modes of transport such as buses, trains, ferries, trams etc. Offering the flexibility needed for the modern passenger.

Park and Ride.

The park and ride feature offers travelers a fast, convenient and hassle-free way when switching from personal travel means to public transport. The Paytech AFC system integrates parking access products such that the traveler uses the same media to gain access into the station’s car park and onto the transport system.

Promotions & Discounts.

Managing frequent and loyal travelers in a strategic manner is essential for travel businesses to enhance customer delight and achieve higher revenues. To further this initiative, the AFC system can be leveraged to award the traveler with discounts, loyalty points and free rides after achieving pre-defined parameters.

Convenient Fare Media.

The solution offers a flexible range of fare media such as conventional paper tickets, E-tickets (web / mobile app) and smart cards.

Flexible Payment Platforms.

Easy access to tickets is made possible through the provision of a broad range of convenient sales channels. Tickets can be bought in cash at the sales kiosk, ticket vending machines and portable sales units; while cashless payments are made through bank cards, web payment services, mobile money services, mobile applications and pre-paid cards.

Real-time Passenger Information.

The solution provides information tools that support cross-media communication requirements for real-time passenger information such as transport schedules.

Connected Ticket Readers.

The Automatic Fare Collection system supports integration of an Automatic Entrance / Access Control system ensuring only passengers with valid fare media can access or exit the transport system.

Central System.

The AFC central management system allows remote supervision and control of connected equipment, enabling operators to keep the system in optimum operating state.