Smart Parking Solutions

Smart Parking Solutions

A well-running car park ensures that users are guaranteed safe, convenient and secure parking that ultimately enhances their experience. An efficient Parking Management System, therefore, holds an increasingly important consideration when setting up access control and security measures in office complexes, hospitals, airports, shopping malls & other places we visit.

We at Paytech Limited pride ourselves in providing Smart Parking Solutions that are durable, adaptable, have high-quality hardware, scalable and allow integration to third-party systems.

Through our years of experience and partnering with world market leaders in the industry such as Scheidt and Bachmann and CirControl, we continually strive to offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions to meet their needs.

Parking System Operations & Maintenance

Running an efficient car park requires a team with the technical know-how of the system as well as employing the best processes to deliver a delightful experience for parkers while creating maximum value for the facility owner.

We work with our clients in designing and implementing successful system operations practices that ensure the Smart Parking Solution runs smoothly. Our years of experience and expertise enables our dedicated team to efficiently manage the day to day running and support of the system allowing the facility owner to focus on their core business.

Business Intelligence & Statistics

Strategic planning and operational decision making in any business rely heavily on collecting and analyzing reliable data. The more accurate the available information, the higher the likelihood of a substantiated and sound decision.

Our solution offers flexible reporting tools for in-depth business analytics based on diverse parameters and time frames informing key decision making. Some of the reporting areas include.

  1. Vehicle traffic numbers – hourly and per device
  2. Revenue collection
  3. Car park utilization and occupancy
  4. Vehicle dwell time.
Promotions & Discounts

Recognizing customer loyalty as a competitive advantage goes a long way in placing your business ahead of the competition.  Loyal customers are highly profitable; they spend more money, more often than any other customer group.

Our Smart Parking Solution transcends the core functionality of managing a car park by offering marketing features that enable us to partner with retailers, restaurants and other businesses in rewarding their customers. Some of the system features that can be leveraged for this purpose include:

  • Retail Campaign Management: The system feature has the ability to read 3rd party barcodes as a way for customers to redeem discounted parking fees.
  • Entervo Cashier: System generated discount and promotion vouchers can be pre-issued to customers through the Entervo Cashier module.
  • Discount Validators: These validate short-term parker ChipCoins by changing the encoded class data. When paying with a validated ChipCoin at the automatic pay station or manual sales POS device a cheaper tariff is calculated.
Solution Features

Access Control

The automated entry and exit system grants access to authorized vehicles into the car park as well as identifying/denying entry of blacklisted vehicles.

The main car park can also be enhanced to multiple parking zones to suit specific user categories through additional passage control & monitoring devices.

Convenient Parking Media

The solution offers suitable parking media tailored to specific requirements of each car park. Whether it’s short-term parking tickets, Access Cards, License Plate Recognition or ticketless entry and exit we have the right media to suit every user category.

Parking Guidance

The automatic parking guidance system within the solution optimizes car park mobility and enhances the drivers’ experience by guiding them to free spots in a quick and easy way.

Security Features

The Smart Parking Solution enables you to have full control over your parking business through the integration of CCTV and License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems. This enhances the level of overall security measures such as detection of black-listed vehicles, prevention of car theft and identification of cars that are parked unusually long.

Valet Services

The valet mobile application delivers the ultimate customer experience for your visitors by enabling them to park with ease, track and get their car without waiting in line.

The application automates all valet transactions for hotels, malls, retail, restaurants, hospitals, special events and more.


Visitors to your premises can reserve and pay (where applicable) for parking spaces over the internet through the pre-booking feature. The reservation can be very precise i.e. including entrance time, duration and specific parking zones where multiple car parks are available.

Flexible Payment Platforms

Automatic calculation of parking fees for user categories such as short-term and contract parkers is achieved through a robust tariff management module.

The payment of parking fees is a self-service process done at the Automatic Payment Machines, mobile App, Manual POS, and Exit stations.

The modes of payment accepted include cash payment, pre-paid cards, credit cards, debit cards and mobile payment platforms such as M-Pesa.