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Corporate Solutions

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Decisions are made on the basis of available information. The more accurate the available information is, the higher the likelihood of a substantiated and sound management decision. Situations change continuously and data needs to be gathered or re-examined based on these new situations. It is therefore not suitable to work with static reports with a pre-defined time frame but rather to be able to define new reports with full flexibility regarding selected data, reporting periods or periodical comparisons. In particular, the ability to analyse data gathered over several years and for multiple car parks becomes a considerable advantage.

Entervo system offers flexible reporting tools for reliable analyses of parking products and their statistically significant aspects – based on a diverse range of perspectives and time frames. Some of the reports available in the system includes:

  1. Daily vehicle traffic numbers – hourly and per device
  2. Daily revenue collections
  3. Any exemptions – free fares and manual openings explained
  4. Occurrences and/ or incidences
  5. Parking Media reconciliation – done monthly