Paytech Limited Soon to Launch a Mobile App

Paytech Limited is set to launch a mobile app that will target at enhancing the end users experience as they interact with our Parking Access and Revenue Collection System in all the participating sites.

Services that will be available:

Once the Paytech Mobile App is launched queuing at the Payment Machines will be a thing of the past. The App will have a provision to pay for parking through Mpesa.

No more driving around malls and shopping centers looking for parking.
The App will have the capability to display vacant parking spaces at participating sites.

Tenants will be able to renew their seasonal parker cards conveniently.

The App will offer a seamless application process for the Paytech Express Card.

The App also provisions the ability to reserve parking at your favorite shopping centers.

Extra Features

The App shall offer malls and retailers an avenue to reward shoppers for their loyalty while at the same time offering their clientele a whole new elevated shopping and parking experience.

History of transactions made on the Seasonal Parker Card and the Paytech Express Card will be easily available on the app.