Paytech offers a highly robust, agile and adaptable security management system that enables security personnel to more precisely monitor and assess potential and emerging threats and respond quickly to emergencies.

Our security management system is developed with modular building blocks that make it easy to add new features and create additional functionality precisely where and when you need it.

Key features and benefits:

  • Support for multiple languages
  • User-friendly design for ease of use
  • Simple, modular building block approach
  • Complete IP network compatibility
  • Powerful reporting and audit of events
  • Flexibility to scale from one to many global sites
  • Seamless integration of software and hardware
  • Off-the-shelf functionality and interoperability
  • Better visibility and complete situational awareness

CCTV Integration.

Key solution features:

  • Integration to NVR / DVR / IP Cameras / Web pages
  • Integration to over 40 major CCTV manufacturers
  • Live view / Search / Playback / PTZ Control / Audio

Time and Attendance.

Key solution features:

  • Direct software into existing T&A / Payroll systems
  • Readers can be T & A or Access Control or both
  • Smartphone App or wall mounted tablet terminals

Fire Integration:

Full ID Badging Solution:

Most facilities do not include all doors on secure access control systems because of associated high costs; with the integration of our ID badging solution we have the capability to add these doors at a significantly lower cost.

This integration provides a virtual network that uses the ID credentials to store the cardholder’s door access permission and eliminates the need to add expensive wireless infrastructure or hard wire the access control system to every door and reader.

Key solution features:

  • Integration to analogue / IP Cameras.
  • Supports Barcode / Magstripe / Contactless Smart Card.
  • Supports Color / Dye sublimation printers.

Intruder Integration:

.Visitor Management.

Key solution features:

  • Log visitor to site
  • Track visitors
  • Issue visitor passes

Mobile Verification

Key solution features:

  • Wireless PDA access control readers
  • Verifying staff or contractors on large sites
  • Barcode / Smartcard / Fingerprint verification to live to host

Phone App.

Our security management system is combined with a powerful and secure smart mobile application that can leverage reporting, selective broadcasting, location information, automatic user identity, image collection and transmittal crowd sourcing and heat mapping.

The application is cloud based thus making the system more robust than older analog systems.


Key solution features:

  • Duress: Help / Monitor Me function to satellite map.
  • Broadcasting messages.
  • Access control, time and attendance.