Our retail management solution is custom made to help in serving your customers faster and better, manage your store more efficiently and plan for future business. It is a combination of software and hard ware that manages sales transactions. The aim of the solution is to increase efficiency and profitability.


Advance Security:

The system provides a multi-level security feature; different user levels can be assigned different permissions using role based user categories, whereby each user must log in with their user name and password.

The system offers comprehensive audit trail for all user transactions.

Loyalty management

The Retail Automation System can be used as a great marketing tool by implementing a loyalty rewards program. The system tracks purchases done and loyalty points earned can be redeemed with ease.

Employee Management:

The system can be used to schedule employee shifts and monitor staff attendance. It can also be used for payroll purposes to generate staff overtime reports.

Convenience: Our POS system has the ability to check inventory from a mobile device while still serving your customers.

Inventory control and tracking: Our POS system has an inbuilt reporting feature with the ability to generate real time performance of inventory.

Online Commerce: The POS System can be optimized for E-commerce transactions by integrating with an online store where selling is made easier.

Cross selling: The POS database enables a vendor to bring up other related products during a transaction whereby appropriate recommendations can be made to customers.

Flexibility in payment options: Give your customers flexible payment choices by allowing them to pay for transactions using multiple means such as cash, payment cards and mobile money payment platforms.


The system is designed with the ability to cater for infinite number of concurrent users.