Paytech offers the complete one-stop package of proven and quality solutions for all your petrol station management needs. Our Petrol Station System is designed to enable you manage your petrol station business in the most efficient way; strengthen your brand and ultimately increase your sales.

At the core of our Petrol Management System is a head office system that provides management of your entire petrol station network. In addition, we have a site management system-that connects to the head office system- for management of each petrol station within your retail network.

System Features:

  • Scalable modular system
  • Comprehensive merchandise management system
  • Station card processing
  • Intuitive user operation
  • TMS 30 Lite

The Petrol Management System provides you with solutions in three key problem areas of petrol station management i.e.

Wet Stock Management

Key solution features include:

  • Precise tank level measurement
  • Automatic delivery recognition
  • Exact evaluation of quantities (Reconciliation)
  • Automatic tank calibration
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Automatic temperature compensation within the dispenser and within the tank

Forecourt Management

Key solution features include:

  • Self-service
  • Prepayment
  • Attendant service
  • Fast lane
  • Unmanned sites
  • Pay at the pump
  • Central price management

Payments and Cash Management

Key solution features include:

  • Payment in the forecourt area
  • Payment in the shop
  • Cash acceptance
  • Cash Management
  • Secure card payment per international standards
  • Debit, credit, customer cards
  • Contactless payment solutions (NFC, Mifare, Transponder etc)

Fuel & Fleet Management Solutions

Paytech’s Fuel & Fleet Management Solution combines several innovative technologies to provide a holistic solution in the areas of fuel consumption management and fleet management. Our solution is designed to enable you manage your business in the most efficient way, thus reducing operation costs and creating visibility & transparency across your fleet.

Key Solution features include:

  • Real time fleet management
  • Fraud control
  • Vehicle and driver identification
  • Loyalty management
  • Transaction reports

Our solution will help you address the following key areas of fuel consumption & fleet management.

  • Vehicle identification to ensure that your internal fuel depots and bowsers dispense fuel only to authorized vehicles.
  • Provide reports on individual units’ (vehicle & machinery) fuel consumption and performance against benchmarks.
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption by vehicles that fuel outside your fueling points.
  • Employee/driver identification at the fueling point.
  • Track fuel dispensing by your bowsers/tankers.
  • Detection and monitoring of fuel levels in fuel storage tanks, mobile tanks, fuel deliver and tanker trucks.
  • Provide fuel opening balances, receipts, issues and closing balances on daily basis.
  • Provide real time alerts and reports of consumption, pilferage, siphoning and unwarranted vehicle and driver behavior thereby acting as a deterrent to the same.
  • Tracking of your fleet in the field.
  • Institute geo-fences thereby providing a means of detecting vehicles that operate outside their authorized geographical perimeter.