iPark is an Intelligent Parking Guidance System by CirControl. It is a powerful management tool that optimizes the traffic and occupancy in car parks and provides user satisfaction giving them the information they need when they need it. It is integrated into the CirPark which is a multi-platform and mobile oriented infrastructure that also integrates CirControl’s LEDPark and EVPark systems providing a fully integrated efficient parking experience.

The Intelligent Parking Guidance system can be implemented in both indoor and outdoor vehicle parking facilities. It includes:

  • Single Space Detection
  • Area/Level Counting
  • Variable Message LED Displays
  • Find your car



LEDPark is a new lighting concept for regulated lighting based on LED technology. It creates more efficiency in car park lighting through intelligent lighting management with luminosity adjustment based on the set time schedule, the occupancy, vehicle flow and people movement. All this creates a more pleasant and comfortable environment for car park users, the result being an increase in customer loyalty.

Amortization of the implementation costs in 2-3 years and reduction of the electric and maintenance bills is achievable through:

  • Energy saving of more than 65% of consumption
  • Length of life of the LED lights system which is ten times higher than that of the fluorescent lights
  • Savings in maintenance and emergency systems because these functions are incorporated in the
  • LEDPark system.