System Feature

Key Features

Various organizations within the premises may decide to discount or offer free parking to their visitors or customers. To facilitate this, Mpark offers a number of options as follows:

  • Discount and promotion vouchers available under the Entervo Cashier module
  • Retail campaign management – use of barcodes on transaction receipts from the various shops within the mall to extend discounts to the customers.
  • Discount validators that validate short-term parker ChipCoins by changing the encoded class data. When paying with a validated ChipCoin at the automatic pay station or manual sales POS device a cheaper tariff is calculated. With discounting, the premises owners are still able to bill the discounting organization for the parking spaces used by their visitors/customers.


Mpark’s Entervo Cashier offers a convenient pre-booking system that allows visitors to your premises to reserve and even pay (where applicable) for parking spaces over the internet. The reservation can be very precise i.e. including entrance time, duration and parking space location.


Direct communication with customers can be easily performed with Mpark Commend Intercom integration. Each field device intercom is displayed as an intercom object in the device control module and allows communication to be initiated with the client. This function offers increased user convenience and facilitates more effective customer service. In addition, it helps reduce operations staff costs as the field equipment do not have to be manned.


CCTV system can be integrated to the Mpark Parking Management Solution giving full control over the parking business combined with the convenience of full CCTV functionality. Critical events can be linked and alarms such as APS burglar alarms or alarms generated by a broken barrier arm with videos recorded by the CCTV system. In addition, CCTV live streams can be embedded into the parking system to improve the customer support for intercom calls.

Parking Guidance

Mpark provides automatic parking guidance systems with interactive capacity information, thus facilitating thorough organization of the site and the activities there.

Access Control

  • For effective management of a car park, certain zones within a parking area can be reserved for particular user groups or situations e.g. executive parking, staff parking and visitors parking. Mpark allows you to effectively manage multiple parking zones without necessarily issuing additional parking media to access these zones. The zones are installed with compact passage control & monitoring devices which check access authorization, encoded on the parking media, prior to entry to the restricted area and open the barrier on correct identification.
  • Use of long range readers installed in the access control devices and long range UHF tags on vehicle wind screens offers convenience in accessing the car park because the need for parking media is eliminated.
  • The solution provides sophisticated extendable access authorisation systems, through use of door readers, which allow individual control via numerous credentials and thus guarantee safety for highly sensitive areas.