Retail Management Campaign

Parking operators expect features and options from a state of the art Parking Management Solution that go far beyond the core functionality of managing a car park. Driven by an increasingly mobile world, there is continuously growing demand for marketing features that enable co-operation between parking operators and a wide range of partners including retailers, restaurants and other businesses. Mpark’s Retail Campaign Management provides solutions that are specifically targeted towards supporting such partnerships. Today, most POS solutions used by retailers and restaurants have the ability to print barcodes or QR codes on their receipts. These codes are commonly used by retailers to efficiently process unused goods returned by customers.

Paytech uses these codes to their full potential together with the Mpark Parking Management Solution which can read and process retailer receipt codes for validation purposes. This generates a win-win situation for parking operators and retailers with special focus on:

  • Generating business by attracting new customers
  • Offering opportunities for marketing partnerships and cross-selling
  • Allowing the integration of existing retailer infrastructures in Parking Management
  • Differentiating your car park operation from other operators.