Payment of parking fees

Cash Payment

Mpark system allows payment by cash including both coins and notes of any denomination. Our Automated Pay machines handle the fully automatic calculation and payment of parking fees according to the specific parking media.

Credit/Debit Card Payment

Integration to third party systems is made possible through the entervo system universal interfaces. Integration to financial transaction systems such as banks to facilitate cashless payment has been achieved in a number of ways in both online and offline modes.

This has made payment via credit/debit card possible. The automated pay machine informs customers via the display panel when payment is possible with by credit card.

Global Money Value Card

Mpark has a global money value card that allows the holder to pay for parking in all our parking sites. One can apply for the global money value card through our pay parking app. The card is then pre-loaded with an amount that the holder desires. The amount will be used to pay for parking in our automated pay points or at the exit. The card can have more than one user in case of a family or an organization which desires one card with multiple users. One gets notifications for instance when a card is running low.


Mpesa is a mobile payment that has made payment very easy and flexible. Our parking system has integrated to allow Mpesa payment. This payment can be made directly through the normal Mpesa process or through our pay parking app.

Pay Parking App

Pay parking app is a Paytech application that can be accessed by downloading. The app enables easy payment of parking. Payment can be made through the payment module. This module can enable the use to access Mpesa with minimal steps. Once the payment is made the system is alerted and a notification of confirmation of payment is sent to the user.