License Plate Recognition completely incorporates easy-to-use, ground-breaking technology in the Parking Management Solution. State of the art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an entervo subsystem designed to help calculate parking fees, resolve exception transactions and increase customer convenience. It comprises all hardware and software components necessary to provide highly reliable, fully functional license plate recognition.

Our integrated software and hardware enables entervo to gain and capture accurate images during each vehicle’s entry and exit. Advanced infrared cameras are used for image capturing of passing vehicles.

Some of the functions performed by LPR include:

  • Black list of number plates
  • Grey list
  • Swapped ticket/fraud prevention
  • Entry transaction in case of a Lost ticket
  • If a car appears at an Exit Control Device and there is a No match found
  • Entry transaction in case of Unreadable ticket
  • Ticket transaction in case of handling of unaccountable transactions