Automatic parking guidance

i) Internal Parking Guidance System

Our Parking Guidance System is designed to take the parking experience to the next level. From the very beginning we focus on what is important to you and your customers. The system perfectly combines a complex solution with easy installation. Implementation and integration of a complex system from a single source guarantees that all components work optimally with each other. In-house developed components provide the highest level of reliability in the parking industry. Paytech’s internal Parking Guidance System comes to life as soon as a driver enters the car park. Available systems are:

a) Indication by traffic signalling lights or direction arrows

In its most basic version, traffic signalling light systems or direction arrows can indicate whether there are any free parking spaces on a particular level.

iPGS customer signage

b) Remaining parking lot indicators (with counter information)

Systems that indicate a more detailed overview of the occupation of individual levels or areas provide added convenience and customer satisfaction.

iPGS Single‐space sensors

c) Single space sensors

Single space sensors are the most advanced systems. They use LED signalling technology that is visible at a greater distance to guide drivers directly to a free parking space, offering a maximum in car park customer satisfaction.

d) iPGS bay sensor

Parking space monitoring and vehicle detection for zone counting is performed by a state of the art ultrasonic detector. It determines the distance to the ground by emitting and receiving pulses at short intervals. Passing or parked vehicles reduce this distance and the sensor identifies the objects as cars. The parking space is then classified as occupied.

Interference by pedestrians is avoided as far as possible, since each measuring phase consists of a number of single measurements so that short-term changes are not taken into consideration. The iPGS sensor is placed centrally in the middle of the parking space and includes a detection system and the LED indication system. Red LEDs are illuminated if a parking space is occupied, with green LEDs indicating a free parking space.

e) Separate LED unit

Scheidt & Bachmann also offer separated sensors for car parks with a lot of pillars and walls which inhibit the view of parking spaces and thus also of iPGS LEDs. The sensors consist of two main components. Firstly, the sensor including the detection system. Secondly, the indication system which includes green and red LEDs to indicate whether the space is free or occupied. Our system offers top flexibility with an infinite range of installation options.

iPGS separate LED unit

ii) External Parking Guidance

The Difference Counting module offers the following main functions:

  • Detecting the occupancy of each level and the complete car park, categorised by reserved spaces (contract parkers), non-reserved spaces (short-term parkers), booked spaces (short-term parkers who have pre-booked via internet) and total spaces.
  • Automatic blocking of the entry when the car park is full
  • Use of threshold values to control signs, car park levels and, optionally, tariffs
  • Retrieve car park occupancy information (counter)
  • Automatic sign control (free/full) depending on the number of cars in the car park
  • Automatic sign control, depending on weekday and time
  • Manual change of counters
  • Manual blocking of reserved spaces, non-reserved spaces or all spaces