Mpark-parking with ease

Mpark is a state-of-the-art solution which make vehicle parking management streamlined, efficient and profitable in the long-term. Mpark systems and modules can be flexibly combined to precisely reflect parking needs ranging from regular short-term parking to customer bonus programs, wide-ranging discount tariffs and contract parker solutions with active or passive transponders. Park also offers a choice of parking media ranging from barcode to magnetic stripe and ChipCoin technology.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive management of short-term parkers right from parking tariff, entry/exit to parking ticket payment.
  • Management of permanent/contract parkers from allocation of specific parking usage entitlements including time-related profiles, issuance of access cards, user tariff allocation and billing.
  • wide choice of parking media ranging from barcodes and magnetic stripe tickets to the ChipCoin technology for short-term parkers and contactless cards for contract/permanent parkers.
  • Fully automatic calculation of parking fees for short-term parking tickets and self-service payment of parking fees is facilitated by the Automatic Payment Machines which support payment by cash, credit and debit cards and mobile payment plaforms such as Mpesa.
  • Flexible reporting tools for reliable analyses of parking products and their statistically significant aspects – based on a diverse range of perspectives and time frames.