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A magnetic stripe stores data by modifying the magnetism of tiny iron-based magnetic particles on a tape in the ticket. This converts the paper ticket into an “intelligent” means of identification. The magnetic stripe ticket can be read by being swiped over a magnetic reading head.

The magnetic stripe technology shares a number of advantages with the barcode technology, for instance relatively low cost of materials for the supply of paper tickets, the possibility of placing and selling adverts on the tickets, and printing human-readable information on the ticket.

The main advantage of magnetic stripe technology is the possibility to change the data on the magnetic stripe multiple times. This results, on the one hand, in a high degree of flexibility in terms of issuing multiple validations and, on the other hand, in very good offline capabilities of a magnetic stripe car park installation.

An additional advantage of magnetic stripe technology is the overall security. In our system, data is redundantly stored on the magnetic stripe. Due to special encodings, manipulations of magnetic prints can be easily detected and lead to exclusion.