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One-dimensional barcode is a widely-spread technology which can be used in combination with both a paper ticket and a plastic card. A barcode is a visual machine-readable representation of data stored in the Parking Management Solution database.

Used as a short term parking media, paper based ticket barcodes are printed upon a vehicle’s entry. The system specific barcode includes a unique identification number, system identification, and date and time. No tickets from other car parks will be accepted and the barcode can only be used once due to the unique identification, even if copied in the attempt to commit fraud.     

Barcode technology tickets need to be specially coated for thermal printing. The thermal printing technology itself requires very little maintenance.  At Automatic Pay Stations and Exit Control Devices the barcode technology is, in general terms, a contactless technology similar to modern cash registers at supermarkets.  Due to the contactless characteristic of this technology, maintenance of the ticket terminals is reduced to a bare minimum.