Parking Access & Revenue Collection System

Mpark is a state-of-the-art solution which make vehicle parking management streamlined, efficient and profitable in the long-term. Mpark systems and modules can be flexibly combined ...
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Retail and Loyalty System

Our retail management solution is custom made to help in serving your customers faster and better, manage your store more efficiently and plan for future business. It is a combination of software and hard ware that manages sales transactions.
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Security System

Paytech offers a highly robust, agile and adaptable security management system that enables security personnel to more precisely monitor and assess potential and emerging threats and respond quickly to emergencies. Our security management system ...
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Paytech Partners with CAA to provide a Parking Access and Revenue Collection System at the Entebbe International Airport.

The Entebbe Airport has a parking capacity of over a thousand vehicles, as such the CAA required a partner that can provide parking access & revenue collection
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An Innovative, Elegant and Unparalleled solution at Two Rivers.

For many shopping malls, a reliable parking management system that caters to their different customer preferences is a core part of their promised experience.
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Paytech Limited Soon to Launch a Mobile App.

Paytech Limited is set to launch a mobile app that will target at enhancing the end users experience as they interact with our Parking Access and Revenue Collection System in all the participating sites.
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